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ARGH MySQL / PHP (again?)

I don’t know if I’ve ranted on this last time, but it happened again with another site, so I shall rant again. For context, I’m the technical admin of a certain large site, which I won’t even name due to NSFWness — I’m just mentioning it here so that visitors from that site know who I am :) A brief timeline of events:

  • 2 days ago, I move the database to a separate server, as MySQL grinds to a halt when the database is too big to fit in RAM.
  • At around 11pm yesterday, the site suddenly dies, printing “500 Internal Server Error” in response to all requests
  • Restarting the web server fixes it, but the old PHP processes don’t die, and the new ones lock up pretty quickly too
  • PHP isn’t actually printing any error messages, it’s just locking up; LigHTTPD only prints “All PHP processes are busy, try again later”; MySQL logs show no error messages.
  • It seems that the site is fine for as long as nobody tries to post new content.
  • I try stopping and restarting the database, it says “Can’t stop database”
  • I finally realise what happened — the disk with the database tables filled up, then MySQL crashed and died horribly, corrupting chunks of the tables. Then when PHP asks the database what’s up, and the database says “error”, it doesn’t print “there’s a database error”, it just dies horribly and locks everything up, causing ISE’s and using up all the ram until everything around it dies too.

In contrast, my preferred database server, Postgres, ran fine throughout the incident — read-only requests were served as normal, and if anything tried to add data it would be told “the disk is full”; no crashing, no corrupt data, no problem. Also, it seems to scale better, currently dealing with a database of 8 * the size of RAM quite happily.

It’s 7am, so I’m going to bed now; first thing I do when I wake up will be start work on giving this app Postgres support; then I can uninstall mysql since nothing else needs it \o/

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Dutchland trip 2007-11

Things of Note:

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Mind of Shish, #1

The first in a series on conversations that never actually happened:

— Conversation That Happened —
Car: *beep*
Guy: *wave*
— What Happened in My Head —
Shish: *wave*
Guy: Oh, you know Tom too?
Shish: Tom? I thought that that was Old Farmer Joe, sitting on his tractor, taking his apples to market o_O
Guy: … you need glasses ._.
Shish: That I do, lassie. That I do…

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It’s been over a month, and apathy over writing about it has killed my blogorhythm :|

The LBW itself was somewhat meh, with not a great deal of linux, touristy beer, and being far too hot for wandering.

One of the ferries had a tetris clone and pacman as the video game section; another had dropped the section entirely in favour of a perfume shop :(

Getting to greece, I found my maths class immediately useful, as I could pronounce many of the words :P

I found a benefit to being single: No worries about oggling hot waitresses \o/

Another ferry, another arcade… This one had tekken tag, where I spent several euros on the end boss — she wouldn’t die, even when I got her down to zero health repeatedly, and used an attack which should have removed a further 70% :-/ A kid who used paul’s cheese punch to the max also failed… Much of the time in that arcade was spent hating children, who were hogging the cabinets and just playing with the controllers, not realising that you have to put money in…

On that same ferry, elsewhere, I practiced my scowls on the local children, hoping to incite displeasure. Having practiced enough, I then figured out how I could say “I take pleasure in the pain of your child” in mime~

San Candido was creepy when we arrived, being a skiing village out of season — it was ~8pm when we arrived, and everything was dead. Kitty and Alex went looking for a tourist advice person, and weren’t heard of again. The only humans around were two station staff, who seemed really happy to see some visitors. The only sound was a broken high voltage cable, like something from silent hill. A dog in the distance barked occasionally. There were lots of advertisements for the local meat…

San Marino and Liechtenstein were a couple of pretty awesome places, tiny countries on mountains. Lots of pretty views and sunsets~

The french metro system is very darwinian — the gates are too small for any but the slimmest people, and anyone who’s slow gets crushed…

I forget other things :S

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The Debian BBQ

Yay backdating entries :P Boo for it being an entire month since the event so my memories are blurring :(

Things I do remember:

MEAT — Lots of meat. Meat of many different types. Tasty meat :3 Meat with buns and peppers and cheese and onion ^_____^

The Wii — A games console that even Kitty was impressed with~ Excite Truck was by far the most popular game, being played constantly for ~12 hours once people discovered it. I beat Phil Hands at it; while not impressive in itself (he hadn’t played before), I’m still chuffed to have beaten a guy who earns a kiloguinea a day at anything :P

Being in Nattie’s Cat Harem — Myself and a French guy who’s name I never heard said “mew”, and Nattie stroked us; she is awesome for random hugging~ She also did my hair in cute braids ^__^

Groping Enrico Zini‘s arse — He’s such a lovely guy; if I were gay, it’d be for him <3 He even complimented me on my groping skills XD

Beers — there were several types; one of which was a crate of Scrimshander, which Kitty was paying for, and I transported by hand…

Mao — which always seems to happen when you get lots of geeks together. This group seemed more experienced than at debconf, and thus managed to come up with more fun rules while avoiding annoying ones /o/

It took place over three days, which I think makes it the longest barbecue (or party of any type) that I’ve ever been to :3

Cambridge is still as lovely as I remember; we went punting up the river, and saw ducks and things ^_^ Photos are somewhere, not uploaded yet…

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8 hours sleep + 4 hours lie-in is good for dreaming \o/

I’ve had several dreams about teeth falling out, and woken up with teeth hurting; I’ve been to a dentist and she said everything looked OK though~

Then one about alien invasion — the overwatch, coming in coventant dropships, invading a place which was geographically my primary school, structurally my secondary school, and included my halls of residence from uni…

Thirdly, I had a dream of picking up bricks and things in the same way that a statically charged balloon picks up bits of paper. Some mystical lady with “Thread” in her title saw this and took me as her “wake” (some sort of pupil? I don’t know if that’s actually a real word :S)

Lastly, I was walking round with a random lump of plastic, which I then broke — luckily, some random person had glue in their handbag; I spotted this and asked them for it, and repayed them with hugs ^_^

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Our house is secure :|

Arriving home at ~2am, I figure I won’t ring the bell and wake people up, it’d be better to get in quietly; so I open the front door with my key, to find that the door is chained in a way that can only be undone from the inside. And so, on to hunting down an emergency key to get in the back door. I stick the key in, and find that there’s already a key there so I can’t get in from outside. Then the garage — I open it, but find that the inside door is also locked -_-. Then I climb the wall to get to the balcony door, also locked and only openable from inside…

Having failed at all possible locks, a new approach — I get back to the garage, pick out some tools, and start forcibly removing the inside door. I get most of the way through the process, but grabbing the effective part of the opening mechanism and turning it from inside results in it falling out, leaving the door jammed in a locked state…

Then onto another door, which I start scratching at; after a few more minutes of failing, I get jumped by my dad, who (rather sensibly) thought I was a burglar >_< Giggles were had, then I repaired the doors, and finally got to bed; thankful for parents with a sense of humour \o/

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More scaling with Travmap

LightTPD is win. Apache + mod_php + mod_python + mod_perl = 100MB per process, of which there are 10. Lighty does all the same stuff, in a single 30MB process \o/ Switching over has made travmap fast again, leaving a proxied apache behind to run the more complicated, less popular things~

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For the web developers out there~

This bit of css is so beautiful I am physically weeping tears of joy just thinking about it.

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Debconf Photos

The hostel we were in first seemed to be falling apart (where it had been built in the first place) — note chicken wire instead of railings :-/ Also, being in the furthest possible room (all the way along the hall, fifth floor) was argh. And their breakfasts sucked too.

In comparison, the teviot building was awesome. It has space toilets, nice halls. There was a strange thing in the attic.

Teviot is also awesome as a student building. It has 4 bars, and a nightclub which plays lovely music (with cute advertising :3). Even the toilet graffiti was more interesting than I’ve seen anywhere else. They also have an arcade.

Also, I went up a mountain.

The edinburgh bike shop is notable for posters and banana holders.

Yes, this exists.

The night venue was quite nice, and had an organ.

The sever room was predictably messy.

It rained quite a lot.

Google-sponsored pizza :3

People on a floor


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