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Armoured Mewtwo?

The latest in my series of “WhyTF am I the #1 google hit for this keyword?”;

o) It seems that my one single use of the phrase “armoured mewtwo” with reference to the thing that this was based on is the best match on the internet :/

o) I’m the only on-topic front page hit for blender tips (unless you’re looking for kitchen blenders or felt tips, in which case I’m the only off-topic hit…)

o) Some of the things people get here by confuse me; someone entered the super-vague term “deusex.exe”, and got through to the third page before getting to my blog entry on copy protection :/

o) Since the death of suprnova, I’ve also noticed a great jump in hits looking for “BT Tracker”. Some people evidently haven’t noticed that you can google for ” filetype:torrent” to search for torrents with the given name…

o) There’s a few things where not only do I not deserve the #1 spot, but rather I shouldn’t be there at all – loads of people looking for libraries are hitting the zsnes wip page due to my listing of dependancies. It seems that all the front page hits for “libaudio.so.2” are people’s error messages or ldd listings; one thinks maybe the libaudio people should have a mention of their library on their own site :/ But lots of people download the wip anyway, so maybe that’s what they wanted the library for…

o) Lots of people are turning up looking for “mrtg login attempts” and “ssh login attempts”; I would open source my counter script, but I can’t be arsed; it’s really simple, the most complicated bit being “cat /var/log/sshd/current | grep FAILED | wc -l” — I leave printing out a zero, a line of description, and a similar SUCCESS count as an excercise to the reader…

o) But after all those things, it seems I’m no longer on the front page for “Shish” :(

ED> Now I am… it seems that that one use of the word is enough to nudge me between ~8th and ~16th place…

Posted March 10th, 2005 by Shish, in stats, tech, web