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Moving to debian

The gentoo server became mysteriously full, which prompted me to finally move to debian… Some notes:

Gentoo’s init scripts are way better, in more ways than I previously thought; eg, they exist at all (debian has no MRTG init script >:( ), they’re configurable (debian has an equivalent of /etc/conf.d, but doesn’t use it much) — After lots of unsuccessful attempts at hacking “-D PHP4” into the apache init script, I ended up just rewriting my apache config. Also, whereas gentoo’s init scripts say “doing something… ” then “ok” or “failed”, debian only has the first bit, often failing silently >:( And they still use numbered rather than named runlevels >:(

This is my setting up debian face, in a constant state of “nguuu.. UUHHH!!!! Ughhhhh…..”… It’s a visual representation of “WTF? I have to do this myself? Goddamnit I switched to apt to make things easier. Gah well, might as well get writing my own boot scripts, seeing as the package maintainer won’t >:|”

(I really have had that expression on my face for the last 24 hours. Maybe also something to do with repeated banging of head on wall :/)

To compare:

Gentoo install / configure: 48+ hours / 2 hours

Debian install / configure: 30 mins / 6 hours (OF PAIN*) and counting…

And now php4-gd wants X installed >:(

And dhclient just overrode my hardcoded net config; I assume because it didn’t let me set it up properly in the first place >:(

* the pain is terrible

Posted February 16th, 2005 by Shish, in problem, rage, tech

MORE HATE: Copy protection

I spent 3 hours battling with deus ex’s copy protection, trying multiple CD drives (5), updating motherboard drivers, reinstalling 20 odd times; each time I’d get a crash in what seemed to be a runtime generated dll. In the end I copied deusex.exe from the demo into the full game’s folder, and all is working fine. But I note things:

1) Copy protection sucks ass. I bought my game legally, and it wouldn’t let me use it.

2) The protection is laughably easy to circumvent, when you know how.

3) Pirated games tend to have copy protection cracked off.

So… buying legally brings punishment, and piracy is good. Thanks for the lesson, eidos / ion storm / sold out / whoever! I’ll make sure to never pay for your products ever again! ^_^

Posted January 29th, 2005 by Shish, in problem, rage, tech

Goddamned magic quotes

Such an ass feature in practice, runtime magic quotes especially – automatically protecting things going into an SQL statement may have a use, but adding slashes to things that come OUT of the database? WHY!?

And they’re not even magic quotes; they’re magically appearing backslashes>:P

Posted December 24th, 2004 by Shish, in problem, rage, tech

Working with idiots can kill you!

Medical evidence for what we knew all along \o/

Talking of idiots, how many times can one person lose their keys in the same place? I’m up to four times in the past couple of weeks – EVERY time they’ve turned up 2 days later down the back of my armchair. No matter how many times I look there, they never seem to appear before 2 days, as though they had a set respawn timer :|

Posted November 22nd, 2004 by Shish, in rage, reallife


Just.. so.. lame.. Really, I got the impression that while MySQL was fast, it wasn’t that good as a database. But having used access, MySQL seems far more acceptable… It would seem that while MySQL is at least facing in the general direction of SQL:2003, access still doesn’t work with SQL-92 >:(

We have to do a database for computing coursework; I’m so fed up with access already that I’m starting work using a LAMP LiveCD :|

Posted October 31st, 2004 by Shish, in problem, rage, tech


I woke up early and got back to sleep at the time I should get up, wake up #2 was late. We have no drinkable liquid in the house other than water, and there was no time for food for breakfast. I was late for the people who give me a lift and they shouted a lot.

First lesson we spent an hour and a half using misaligned equipment in physics so it needs doing again, break time was rainy, core maths I had a load of my stuff thrown out of a window; I found the random scribbles, but 20 pound and important notes are gone. Then I had no mechanics books, as I’ve packed for the wrong day every day this week. Lunch was cold and wet, as I poked round the stinging nettle bush looking for my lost stuff. Then a study period where every computer I touched in the library in the last couple of weeks cacked up (although I’m fairly certain I’m not involved; some of them I hadn’t used for a while and they’d been fine all week), then the general studies teaching rota got messed up so it was the teacher, me and two others of a class of supposedly ~20 going and discussing happiness, while rubbing nasal decongestant in my eyes, which burned.

Then I was late getting a lift home, and when I got home my mum was being excessively attention whorish and annoying. Still not having any drinks other than water I made milkshake with goat’s milk for my sister, which now makes me feel ill. I also was called a cold inhuman sicko for suggesting that death may be better than a life of suffering. But thanks to that same knack for obectivity and emotionlessness, I can look back on my day humourously, and be happy that tomorrow will probably be better ^_^

Posted October 22nd, 2004 by Shish, in personal, rage, reallife