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An assortment of pimpage

Dreamhost prefers moral integrity to free customers. Also, their wordpress anti-spam mod seems to work, as I’ve had one spam comment since signing up, compared to 3-4 per day on my vanilla install.

Al|together 2006 is open for entrants.

Radio Wazee seems to have implemented my vision of a radio station powered by free uploads (aka. publicity) for artists and free downloads for listeners. (Or particular note; Reasonable Doubt and Krim)

Autopackage works nicely for things not included in ubuntu’s main repositories~

Posted May 6th, 2006 by Shish, in dsvn, music, pimp, site, software

Finally reading more of the Al|together releases~

Several months after Al|together 2005, I’m finally getting round to reading some of them, via VNC over SSH over HTTP \o/ Without sound, which is a big part of the atmosphere /o\

Mentioned here as I know several people who read this and might be interested~ They’re short stories, with pictures & sound. Narcissu being my favourite so far; it’s so depressing, in the happiest way possible ;_;

Posted December 7th, 2005 by Shish, in dsvn, pimp