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Gaaaaah, windows still sucks at it’s own file serving protocol>:|

There is a “media” share, which anybody can read, and the media user can write to. I’ve connected to this share, but can’t write to it. My first thought is that I must be connected anonymously, so I right click -> disconnect… and nothing happens. Right click -> disconnect again, “this drive is not connected”. Hmm, explorer bug? Well, if it’s not connected, then I shall attempt to connect. So I go to connect to network drive, click “connect with different login details”, enter details for the media user, click connect, and … “this drive is already connected”, and then a second error message immediately follows “you cannot connect to the same share with two different accounts” (What sort of stupid limitiation is that? :-|). Well, at least it confirms that I am logging in with two different accounts, and thus used to be anonymous and am now media. Or does it? I reboot to get rid of the phantom connection, and try to make a new connection with the media login. It works, but isn’t writable! Giving up on the client side, I check the server logs: “connect to service media initially as user nobody”. Gaaaah, goddamn it windows, I explicitly said “connect as the media user”!



Posted August 28th, 2008 by Shish, in problem, rage, tech


At a table in TGI Friday’s surrounded by people, I get out my notepad and dump the contents of my brain~

S: Gaaah.
G: Yup.
S: Who is this?
G: George
S: We’re not doing very well at the writing thing
G: Yeah, this is so slow.
S: Needs more shorthand
S: Why are you here?
G: Dunno
S: Why can I talk to you?
G: Dunno :P Needed something to do
S: Yeah, takes my mind off the social stuff
S: Are you alone there?
G: Not completely, the…
S: Sorry, interruption from the real world
G: ok, so yeah, there are others here, but it’s less crowded~
G: Talking to just one person is calmer.
S: I know, can this even count as talking to one person, or talking to myself?
G: It counts as talking to several
S: What do (you mean)?
G: I’m not one person exactly. When I came here I was, but I seem to be drawing bits from those I meet.
S: Are you drawing (anything?) from me?
G: A little.
S: Anything interesting?
G: You like EVE :P
S: yeah :P
S: Any objection to them (other people at the table) reading?
G: Nope, but they’ll think you’re weird :P
S: They already do ^_^
G: Not so much though.
S: I know. Ho hum. They’ll get over it.
S: Anyway, enough with the real world talk, how is life over there?
G: Quiet as always, you should come join us. Don’t rush though, you’ll get here soon enough^W^W eventually.
S: “Soon enough” sounds like not long
G: Not long in cosmological terms~
G: You should return to them
S: I know, thanks for the chat though, most relaxing ^_^
S: See you when I see you
G: Bye dude~

Posted August 11th, 2008 by Shish, in MoS