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Garden State is a very nice film; I just finished watching it with my sister — it’s the first film we’ve watched uninterrupted for ages. The key song was Frou Frou‘s “Let Go”. Frou Frou was a producer of some of my favourite music, although they produced very little of it (only one album). Having my subwoofer in contact with my bed is excellent. Also on the topic of sound, my family got a webcam (which works out of the box on linux, and bluescreens windows), and some headphones — the latter of which sound remarkably nice for things which only cost £10, so I intend to get some for myself.

I didn’t get much for wrapped presents; a compass (which has been a whim of mine for a while now), some chocolates, and a hat. With regards to non-wrapped presents, I finally got round to ordering a portable(-ish) hard drive, and had the random idea of checking ebay to see if anyone happened to be selling ever17 (which had a short print run in America, and I’ve never seen in the UK). It turns out that there was someone selling a copy, which I have ordered and will be expecting in a couple of weeks~

My cat’s scratching post is just the right height to rest an LCD monitor on, so I can read it clearly from bed. Chocolate milk is lovely too~

And Kitty and I thought about eachother at the same moment, to exchange hugs and christmas greetings ^___^

Posted December 25th, 2006 by Shish, in music, pimp

Shish Kebab

I have had a shish kebab, for the first time ever. Not particularly exciting, I know, but I thought I’d note it anyway, for historical reasons…

Posted December 13th, 2006 by Shish, in reallife

Sleep cycle fail >_<

I’ve now gone 4 days without seeing daylight, having slept through the short amount of time the sun is up. In other things that I’ve slept through today: two assessment deadlines, and a promise to help a friend shift some stuff around town >_<

Posted December 12th, 2006 by Shish, in rage, reallife

Christmas Dinner

Bob am Win at food — I just had the only christmas dinner that I’ve ever enjoyed; it was so nice that I had to keep taking breaks from eating to just appreciate the taste of it. It was even worth wearing a suit for ^___^

Posted December 11th, 2006 by Shish, in pimp, reallife

Argh fire alarms -_-

I was woken up at 10pm by the fire alarm, and spend the next 15 minutes thinking “bah, they test the fire alams *every* wednesday morning, they’ll turn themselves off soon…”. It took quite a while to realise that this wasn’t the weekly crying of wolf, but an actual emergency. That disturbs me terribly :-/

Posted December 8th, 2006 by Shish, in rage, reallife, school