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The BIO, aftermath

A few days late on this… Anywho, the BIO was full of awesome — I was literally surrounded by smart people, not once in the three days did I want to stab someone for being unbelievably stupid ^_^ Terms like P and NP were used in regular conversation, a soviet russia joke that made sense was made, numerous card games were played and the maths behind them discussed~ Even the evening out for pizza was full of smart, with discussion over the best way of eating a pizza, and the physics behind wine glass playing ^_^

I had the poshest meal ever, with a suite of incredibly well dressed waiters~ It was typically dull English food, but the best dull English food I’ve ever had /o/ And a pudding of cream-filled things covered in chocolate sauce from dedicated chocolate sauce bowls. It was also then that I found the first person I’ve ever met who used vim, and I’d met in person before online~ (still never met any emacs users…)

Also, there were a variety of games played in spare time, most notably munchkin, and a 3d block puzzle which I’ve been recreating digitally. The card game Mao was also mentioned, but we never got round to playing it — looking it up on google, it does seem good, if I can find some people smart enough to play against…

There was also a tour of Cambridge, which seems like a very nice place generally~

As prizes I’ve ended up with a 1GB USB stick, a 2 inch “introduction to algorithms” book, a copy of black & white 2 (which my PC can’t handle…), and the hint that the odds of me getting a summer job at Lionhead are one in a million, compared the the zero in a million that most people have \o/