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An imageboard, because danbooru + ruby-on-rails + postgresql were all being pains to install so I gave up after 4 hours, and had the basics of my own done from scratch in a half.

I’ve also set my local server to redirect missing images to the remotely hosted one, so I can have control over the dynamic parts and redirect to save bandwidth on images~

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The London Expo 2005B, and London

Another expo, much like the last. Bought more azudai manga, and a redundant second V5 of GitS. Photos.

Afterwards went to Madame Tussauds for the planetarium, but it turns out you have to go through *everything* to get to it. With 20 pound each and 2 hours of queueing, then having to wade through crowds of people wanting photos with the models, it was very borderline on being worth it; certainly not something I can be bothered to do again :/

Afterwards we went to the apple store and saw lots of expensive shiny things. The toilets were very expected — clean white, with brushed metal accessories, and a very simple interface (only one button).

Then a quick stop to get lost in Harrods, amongst lots more expensive shiny (but less useful) things. They sold Hermes stuff, but I didn’t see any cups :(

Then home, with the traditional going-to-london magazines, Edge and Wired~

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According to SIMS (the school management program, which I wasn’t supposed to be looking at), I eat andwiches, and my sister comes to school by bicycle ._.

They also haven’t seen my birth certificate, but they have hers…

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The Sickness

No entries for ages as I’ve had the most kickass illness ever~

First there was coughing, pretty much non-stop, for about a week. Then with the throat being dead, I got a regular cold with lots of sneezing, again trailing for a week. The latest stage was worst, in two parts: first with the chest tightening so the air escaped the lungs, then the gas escaped the stomach, then everything else tried to escape, then it would keep on tightening while no more could come out, leading to great pain and curling up on the floor. Secondly, after a while the throat started to give up entirely — after a while coughing it’d just close, and I’d find myself unable to breathe in either direction. Certainly the scariest cold I’ve had, no other has had me seriously worried about suffocating to death in a room of perfectly good air, just because my throat was tired of coughing~

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