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I got banned \o; Again o/

Now not only is my site banned by websense, but now I’m banned personally too, by my own school…

It seems that the reason is that I read my school’s unofficial newspaper, Overmark — not content with merely banning the physical paper and threatening to expel anyone linked to it, they’re now going after the readers too >:(

Posted April 28th, 2005 by Shish, in rage, reallife, school

I got banned \o; and dist

On the one day that I really, really needed my site up so that I could grab some of my A-Level coursework off it, some cockwhore at websense decided my site was a games site, thus putting me on their blacklist >:(

And I made a small new app; dist — because knowing where stuff is takes effort; it’s easier just to use a command to find a file anywhere on the network and grab it. It also pushes files to other dist-enabled boxen, hence distribution.

Posted April 20th, 2005 by Shish, in pimp, rage, software


The trip to london to meet MT forumites went ok. Lots of walking and some sitting, no majorly interesting events. Pictures when people get round to uploading them~

And I got to hug everyone <3

Posted April 11th, 2005 by Shish, in reallife

Version Bump

Several things added / changed:

* My HTML is now correct; a typo was putting me to the #1 spot on google far too often, and now it’s fixed I’m back to the ~10th page where I belong. (Although I’m now getting more hits from the image search than I ever did the main one…)
* Anonymous blog comments work (although maybe too anonymous; I should probably use IP address or something…)
* pp.pl added to apps
* the pics section on the sidebar is now fixed; I knew the link in fragments worked, but forgot that it had it’s own section, and it remained broken
* Giger CSS theme started, needs more work though~

Posted April 7th, 2005 by Shish, in tech, web