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I have a problem

Most people who’ve talked linux with me’ll have noticed that I’m an enlightenment fanboy; recently, my acts of fanboyism have been getting so great I fear I may have a compulsive software pimping disorder – even spreading to such things as mplayer and firefox.

When taking a screenshot of irssi to explain it’s lack of GUI, I ended up showing the whole screen, and spent more time pointing out cool bits of E than showing what text mode is…

In the case of mplayer and firefox all pimping is pretty much justified, because they do so much stuff that’s useful to everyday people; not so with enlightenment – it’s great to use, but it’s just a bonus and doesn’t really solve any everyday problems. I suspect I may revive the /pimp/ section of the site so that I can just point at it rather than write out pages of praise every time I get the opportunity…

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