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Ithil Returns, and Distractions

Ithil, the guy who beat the n00b out of me, has come to #forum-m all his footsteps, with my knowledgableness severely hampered by my slacker nature >_logically fallicious arguments, which he also introduced me to~~

On the slacker note; This thursday I was loaned one of four physics revision book by the teacher, on the condition that I use it and don’t slack off as always. Also on thursday, GitS2: Man Machine Interface arrived. And I found myself entered into a programming competition, doing algorythm programming in C, with the entry exam this week — I got 44% on the sample paper, with 50% being “you have a hope in hell”; I’ve been doing nothing but PHP websites for the past several months, so my logical C side has become rusty, and thus I’ve been up until 6am working through past papers to try and get back up to speed. Then there’s psychology coursework, which has to be in in two weeks.

Of course, being more fun than revision, everything in the above paragraph has been subconciously priorotised above revising for in-school exams that are going on now. I am so fucked :(

Posted February 28th, 2005 by Shish, in reallife


This is just pathetic. It’s a great example of why I read at +5 with bonus for funnies though…

Posted February 28th, 2005 by Shish, in rage

zomg ops!

I got made op for the megatokyo wiki, due to being excessively active with the categorisation; now I have the power to delete shit without having to pester the admins \o/

Posted February 27th, 2005 by Shish, in pimp, site

Shiny Sidebar

The sidebar now has titles that can be clicked to show and hide sections, and the sections are more organised:

Main for site stuff

Projects for big things I’ve done from scratch

Fragments for things that could become projects if they were bigger

Misc for other people’s stuff I’m using / contributing to

Apps & Games for things that are too lame to go into projects

The script to do it was stolen from wakachan

Posted February 25th, 2005 by Shish, in tech, web

… Something … bad happened …

Not sure what it was, but it caused the modem to be getting a signal without anybody to talk to on the other end :/

And as I type, it dies again >:(

Posted February 22nd, 2005 by Shish, in problem, tech

I have a problem

Most people who’ve talked linux with me’ll have noticed that I’m an enlightenment fanboy; recently, my acts of fanboyism have been getting so great I fear I may have a compulsive software pimping disorder – even spreading to such things as mplayer and firefox.

When taking a screenshot of irssi to explain it’s lack of GUI, I ended up showing the whole screen, and spent more time pointing out cool bits of E than showing what text mode is…

In the case of mplayer and firefox all pimping is pretty much justified, because they do so much stuff that’s useful to everyday people; not so with enlightenment – it’s great to use, but it’s just a bonus and doesn’t really solve any everyday problems. I suspect I may revive the /pimp/ section of the site so that I can just point at it rather than write out pages of praise every time I get the opportunity…

Posted February 17th, 2005 by Shish, in pimp, software

A rather odd log format

It would seem that when “combined” is an undefined log format, rather than throw an “undefined log format” error, apache simply writes out the word “combined” every time a website is hit >:(

Posted February 17th, 2005 by Shish, in problem, tech

Moving to debian

The gentoo server became mysteriously full, which prompted me to finally move to debian… Some notes:

Gentoo’s init scripts are way better, in more ways than I previously thought; eg, they exist at all (debian has no MRTG init script >:( ), they’re configurable (debian has an equivalent of /etc/conf.d, but doesn’t use it much) — After lots of unsuccessful attempts at hacking “-D PHP4” into the apache init script, I ended up just rewriting my apache config. Also, whereas gentoo’s init scripts say “doing something… ” then “ok” or “failed”, debian only has the first bit, often failing silently >:( And they still use numbered rather than named runlevels >:(

This is my setting up debian face, in a constant state of “nguuu.. UUHHH!!!! Ughhhhh…..”… It’s a visual representation of “WTF? I have to do this myself? Goddamnit I switched to apt to make things easier. Gah well, might as well get writing my own boot scripts, seeing as the package maintainer won’t >:|”

(I really have had that expression on my face for the last 24 hours. Maybe also something to do with repeated banging of head on wall :/)

To compare:

Gentoo install / configure: 48+ hours / 2 hours

Debian install / configure: 30 mins / 6 hours (OF PAIN*) and counting…

And now php4-gd wants X installed >:(

And dhclient just overrode my hardcoded net config; I assume because it didn’t let me set it up properly in the first place >:(

* the pain is terrible

Posted February 16th, 2005 by Shish, in problem, rage, tech

I have a lot of … stuff

Cleaning out my room reveals:

o) A collection of dead light bulbs

o) A collection of McDonalds’ straws (they’re wider, and so better for shooting things)

o) Hundreds of unfinished to-do lists

o) A stamp collection

o) A list of netware & webmail logins / passwords for everyone in my school

o) School “Flash Club” rules. I never got around to adding “Rule 1) You do NOT talk about flash club” :(

o) ~6 inches of dead floppies

o) Lots of paperclips & pennies

And more…

Posted February 14th, 2005 by Shish, in reallife

Another power cut?

omgwtf. Where do I go to complain? And how much are UPSes nowadays?

Posted February 9th, 2005 by Shish, in problem, tech