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MORE HATE: Copy protection

I spent 3 hours battling with deus ex’s copy protection, trying multiple CD drives (5), updating motherboard drivers, reinstalling 20 odd times; each time I’d get a crash in what seemed to be a runtime generated dll. In the end I copied deusex.exe from the demo into the full game’s folder, and all is working fine. But I note things:

1) Copy protection sucks ass. I bought my game legally, and it wouldn’t let me use it.

2) The protection is laughably easy to circumvent, when you know how.

3) Pirated games tend to have copy protection cracked off.

So… buying legally brings punishment, and piracy is good. Thanks for the lesson, eidos / ion storm / sold out / whoever! I’ll make sure to never pay for your products ever again! ^_^

Posted January 29th, 2005 by Shish, in problem, rage, tech

Curse you, non-free journals

Trying to find the original research that I’m working with for psychology is much harder than I’d like – I’m looking for some quite old studies from 1900s to 1990s, but all I can find is the journals for the past 3 years being sold for 20 pound each…

On a related note, I’ve started learning LaTeX, and after only a couple of days I’ve already stopped using all WYSIWYG word processors

Posted January 27th, 2005 by Shish, in pimp, reallife, school, software


I’m now running a BitTorrent tracker for various public services; after various stupidities on my part (forwarded wrong ports, main seed was broadcasting a local address, probably more I can’t remember), it seems to be working fine. People only seem to be downloading one at a time though, each person starts downloading as the previous stops seeding…

ED> Now taken down for lack of use…

Another of my public projects, siggy, has also had some weird attention; another person signed up for an account and then left, never to be seen again. Also, someone seems to have gone through all the messages one at a time using the id=[number] arg…

Lastly, someone seems to have subscribed to my RSS feed. Hi :)

Posted January 19th, 2005 by Shish, in pimp, software, tech, web

Crap, I’m Becoming L33t ;_;

About half of these seem to apply to me >_

Posted January 9th, 2005 by Shish, in personal, reallife

My first hotlinker <3

Some guy seems to be using one of my wallpapers as his blog’s background; seeing as hotlinking isn’t a great problem for me I figured I’d let him get away with it, for now…

ED> And now my second :| Which I did something about this time, as the image was much larger and posted on a popular forum, rather than just some random guy’s blog as above

ED2> And another, which has prompted me to work on a system for automatically mirroring frequently requested files to a faster server, and redirecting as such

Posted January 2nd, 2005 by Shish, in web