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Archive for December, 2004

Nooo… My uptime :(

After 3 months uptime, I accidentally pulled the plug on the server while reaching for one of the other cables >_<

Posted December 24th, 2004 by Shish, in problem, tech

Goddamned magic quotes

Such an ass feature in practice, runtime magic quotes especially – automatically protecting things going into an SQL statement may have a use, but adding slashes to things that come OUT of the database? WHY!?

And they’re not even magic quotes; they’re magically appearing backslashes>:P

Posted December 24th, 2004 by Shish, in problem, rage, tech

I wish I didn’t suck at German :(

First I had a dream that I was a spy in Nazi Germany, and my inability to speak the language was making it hard to keep my cover; and then I find out that to be a tech dude at google you need to know a foriegn language.

Looks like both my literal and metaphorical dreams have gone sour…

Posted December 23rd, 2004 by Shish, in reallife

Getting linkage

I would seem to have been discovered by someone from the land of .br, and mentioned on their forum. How rare.

Posted December 17th, 2004 by Shish, in tech, web

Mmmm… first gig -_-

I pretty much accidentally went to see the mad capsule markets yesterday when my sister’s friend got ill; too much noise and not enough music for my tastes, but it was fun anyway. I got home at ~2am after several hours of jumping round, knackered to the point where I would for once be appreciative of an early night, but nay. Now in school, so tired -_-

McQueen were supporting; they weren’t as good an act (I’d guess it was just the audience not getting into it as much) but I liked the music more ^_^

Posted December 7th, 2004 by Shish, in music, pimp