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Just.. so.. lame.. Really, I got the impression that while MySQL was fast, it wasn’t that good as a database. But having used access, MySQL seems far more acceptable… It would seem that while MySQL is at least facing in the general direction of SQL:2003, access still doesn’t work with SQL-92 >:(

We have to do a database for computing coursework; I’m so fed up with access already that I’m starting work using a LAMP LiveCD :|

Posted October 31st, 2004 by Shish, in problem, rage, tech

Huzzah, a text box.

Now I no longer have to edit raw html every time I want to update the news thing on the front page. Yay me.

A super-quick one night hack, and it all seems to be working fine \o/

Posted October 29th, 2004 by Shish, in tech, web


I woke up early and got back to sleep at the time I should get up, wake up #2 was late. We have no drinkable liquid in the house other than water, and there was no time for food for breakfast. I was late for the people who give me a lift and they shouted a lot.

First lesson we spent an hour and a half using misaligned equipment in physics so it needs doing again, break time was rainy, core maths I had a load of my stuff thrown out of a window; I found the random scribbles, but 20 pound and important notes are gone. Then I had no mechanics books, as I’ve packed for the wrong day every day this week. Lunch was cold and wet, as I poked round the stinging nettle bush looking for my lost stuff. Then a study period where every computer I touched in the library in the last couple of weeks cacked up (although I’m fairly certain I’m not involved; some of them I hadn’t used for a while and they’d been fine all week), then the general studies teaching rota got messed up so it was the teacher, me and two others of a class of supposedly ~20 going and discussing happiness, while rubbing nasal decongestant in my eyes, which burned.

Then I was late getting a lift home, and when I got home my mum was being excessively attention whorish and annoying. Still not having any drinks other than water I made milkshake with goat’s milk for my sister, which now makes me feel ill. I also was called a cold inhuman sicko for suggesting that death may be better than a life of suffering. But thanks to that same knack for obectivity and emotionlessness, I can look back on my day humourously, and be happy that tomorrow will probably be better ^_^

Posted October 22nd, 2004 by Shish, in personal, rage, reallife